Elect your members representing employees on the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas
from 06 to 12 december 2017

Our candidates

From 06 to 12 December 2017, an election will take place for your members representing Technical employees on the BNP Paribas Board of Directors of our company (second tour)

This election is important. You have a chance to significantly change the way in which employees are considered and recognised within BNP Paribas.

How ?

By voting for the representatives of FO Banques BNP Paribas in this election.

Why vote FO Banques BNP Paribas ?

FO Banques BNP Paribas is an organisation that is free and independent of Management.

candidates from FO Banques BNP Paribas are committed to having the human dimension taken into account in deliberations by the Board of Directors of BNP Paribas,
⇒ candidates from FO Banques BNP Paribas are close to you, they share your careers ans know employees and their concerns.

FO Banques BNP Paribas :

⇒ will be your spokesperson and will keep you regularly updated on directions discussed within the BNP Paribas Board of Directors,
⇒ will defend your interests with this decision-making body,
⇒ will return the human dimension to the heart of the concerns ans deliberations of the Board of Directors,
⇒ will demand a remuneration policy in line with BNP Paribas Group financial results and you everyday efforts,
⇒ will demand a long-term company development strategy, allowing your job and the salary your commitment deserves to guaranteed.

The rapid developments that our company is about to experience requires a solid team to represent you. The FO Banques BNP Paribas team will take action for the employee point of view to be properly taken into account in company stategy, with priority to common needs, jobs and remuneration.


  • We listen to employees.
  • We assist and support BNP Paribas employees on a daily basis, whatever their role, their geographical location, their age and their situation.
  • We prioritise transparency in our actions.
  • We want to be a fearless union which acts progressively, anticipating situations and which is reactive.
  • We do not back down and resign faced with situations with appear hopeless or irreversible.
  • We defend employees of BNP Paribas both individually and collectively.
  • We are supported by woman and men of conviction whose competence is well-known.